Competition Guide


Super Lap Battle USA 2020
COTA Time Attack Challenge

February 15-16, 2020 Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX


Competition Guide Version 1

Official Event Title & Date

  • The official name of the event is Super Lap Battle COTA 2020. And will be held on February 15 and 16, 2020.


Event Location

  • COTA, Circuit of the Americas, 9201 Circuit of The Americas Blvd, Austin, TX 78617


Circuit Details

  • The Grand Prix Course 3.4 miles long
  • Counter-clockwise direction
  • Fuel is available on-site for credit card purchase. 89, 97, and 101
  • No fueling on hot pit lane per the Austin Fire Department. You can have a max of (2) fuel barrels per car outside the garage (paddock side) and they cannot be in front of any fire doors.
  • Animals that are not certified service animals are not permitted in the paddock. Per Circuit of the Americas.


Registration Process & Fees

  • Only experienced time attack drivers will be allowed to compete.
  • All drivers must fill out the Pre-Registration form on the website. The Pre-Registration form is live now.
  • Completing the Pre-Registration Does Not Guarantee your entry. If you are approved to compete you will be sent a invitation to officially register.
  • Your entry is confirmed once you pay the registration fee in full.
  • The Entry Fee is $1,500 USD
  • Garage spaces are available, $125 USD
  • All entry fees must be paid in full by February 5, 2020.
  • AMB Transponders are available to use from SLB USA for the weekend. If you have your own AMB / My Laps Transponder bring it and email us the TX Number. 


Competitor and Driver License Requirement

  • Each driver must be at least 16 years of age. And hold a current SCCA Time Trials Advanced License or at least be in the process of obtaining one. In 2020 they will be mandatory.
  • You must be a SCCA member to obtain a SCCA Time Trials License. 
  • Please contact for details on getting a SCCA Time Trials Advanced License.
  • SLB USA is an advanced track event, drivers with limited or no track experience should refrain from registering. To be eligible you must hold a current SCCA Time Trials Advanced License or at least satisfy a comparable run group requirements or above, comparable organization credentials or experience would be acceptable. If you have questions, please contact us. or 



  • International Unlimited Class
  • Unlimited Class
  • Limited Class
  • Street Class
  • Enthusiast Class
  • Pro Comp



International Unlimited Class
1st Place Trophy & Meister Watch
2nd Place Trophy 
3rd Place Trophy 

Unlimited Class
1st Place Trophy & Meister Watch, and a $1,000 StopTech Racing voucher
2nd Place Trophy 
3rd Place Trophy 

Limited Class
1st Place Trophy & Meister Watch, and a $500 StopTech Racing voucher
2nd Place Trophy 
3rd Place Trophy 

Street Class
1st Place Trophy & Meister Watch, and a $250 StopTech Racing voucher
2nd Place Trophy 
3rd Place Trophy 

Enthusiast Class
1st Place Trophy & Meister Watch, and a StopTech Racing swag pack
2nd Place Trophy 
3rd Place Trophy

1st Place Trophy & Meister Watch
2nd Place Trophy
3rd Place Trophy


  • Track schedule is subject to change: Track Schedule SLB COTA 2020 - SAT SUN
  • Each run group will get four 15-20 minute sessions per day
  • Load in is 5:00pm - 10pm Friday, February 14, 2020 (ALL participants will have to sign a COTA waiver and will receive a COTA wristband. If you do not have a wristband you CANNOT go on track.)
  • Load IN Procedure: Haulers will Turn Left off of FM812 onto COTA Blvd. (Red Circuit of The Americas sign)
    Pull down and stop just short of TUNNEL 2 and wait for direction to pull in.
  • Tech Inspections Garage 1 Friday 6pm - 9pm
  • Tech Inspections Garage 1 Saturday 6:30am - 8am
  • Load out by 6:00pm Sunday, February 16, 2020
  • Load OUT Procedure: All participants must exit out tunnel 2.



  • COTA garage spaces are available for $125
  • There are 4 spaces per garage
  • You will have the option to secure a garage space during the registration process
  • Garages are 20’ wide x 65’ long. Garages are equipped with 120v outlets, 220v, 30 amps, 60Hz. Private bathrooms, Epoxy Floors, Compressed air hookup (no hoses), Water spouts outside each, Double automatic lifting garage doors.

Tire Service

  • Yokohama Tire will be on site for your tire service needs. Mounting and dismounting, etc
  • Pre order tires and or tires and wheels and they will have them mounted and ready to be installed when you need them. If you want to pre order tires please use this exclusive link for SLB USA:

Pit Lane Rules

  • Full length pants required
  • No open toed shoes
  • No smoking allowed
  • No minors ( must be 16 years of age or older )
  • No alcohol beverages
  • No personal at track wall for start of any race
  • Only properly credentialed personal or race officials allowed at track wall during hot track events
  • Only COTA personal or race officials allowed in Marshal stations on pit lane
  • No fueling on hot pit lane per the Austin Fire Department. You can have a max of (2) fuel barrels per car outside the garage (paddock side) and they cannot be in front of any fire doors.

Camping and RVs

  • Registered teams can stay overnight Friday and Saturday night in their rigs/toters.
  • RV spaces are available and can be purchased directly through COTA at Alexis Diaz
  • Need to leave you truck and trailer at COTA past Sunday night? COTA has storage available: Truck-Trailer Storage Policy


Golf Cart Rentals


Lunch Service Catering

  • COTA offers catering service right to your garage or paddock space.
  • Lunch menu - 2019 Team & Crew (Super Lap Battle) Catering Menu
  • Contact Katherine Theroux 512-655-6499 with questions about catering, and team food drops.


Food Trucks

  • The Redfin and Torres Taco food trucks will on site
  • 8am - 2pm serving breakfast and lunch


SLB USA COTA Time Attack Competition Format

  • Cars regardless of Classing will be divided into 3 run groups. Based off of speed index. Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3. The groupings are set by the SLB Officials to ensure cars of similar speed are on track at the same time.
  • At the lunch break and at the end of day 1 the SLB Staff may rearrange the groupings to make sure all competitors are in the proper and safest group allocation.
  • Cars are started or launched individually by SLB Officials only.
  • Fastest lap time overall wins in 1st place in each class.
  • Fastest lap time overall wins the 2019 Super Lap Battle USA COTA Time Attack Challenge.


Super Lap Battle - The Finale of SLB COTA USA

  • The last session of the event will be reserved for the Super Lap Battle. The Super Lap Battle is reserved for the top 5 fastest cars from each class to compete in a true super lap battle. Each car is released one at a time and will get one warm up lap, one hot lap to set a lap time, and then one cool down lap to get off track.
  • All times will count towards the over all competition.
  • No special prizes are awarded for recording the fastest lap time in the super lap battle. It is a opportunity for the top cars to compete on a empty track.



  • Drivers are 100% responsible for paying the Damage and Clean fees listed below.
  • Any Driver who develops an oil leak or vehicle damage and does not remove the car from the track as soon as possible, or continues to drive their vehicle, may be sanctioned by Race Control, the Stewards and/or the Organisers. This matter will be treated seriously and any consumables used will be at a cost of the Competitor and/or additional penalties may include cancellation of a time set, a monetary fine and/or exclusion from the event.
  • If a fire extinguisher has been used and let off to extinguish a fire in or around a vehicle on or off the track. The cost of recharging of the extinguisher will be forwarded on to the Competitor at the cost of $150.00 per extinguisher used. If a vehicle is found to be leaking fluid and clean up is necessary on or off the track the cost of the Drysorb bags will be forwarded on to the Competitor at the cost of $65.00 per drysorb bag used. All use of consumables will be reported to Race Control.
  • Drivers/teams are 100% responsible for any damage and or clean up fees on the track, paddock, pit lane, and garages
  • Fees are as follows directly from the track.
  • Pavement Track/Paddock/Pit TBD
  • Paint/Track surface/Facilities $195 per 100 yard
  • Guard Rails $195 per foot
  • Tech Pro Barrier $985 per block
  • Catch Fence Panel $975 per panel
  • Catch Fence Pole $780 per pole
  • Tire Disposal $25 per tire
  • Oil Dry Absorbent 40kg bag $65 per bag
  • Liquid Spill on Track $500 per corner
  • Liquid Spill paddock/pit lane/garages $500 per area
  • Drivers and or teams are 100% responsible for the damage and or  clean up you cause. You will be billed directly from Super Lap Battle USA.

Shipments: Teams that have shipments sent to the race facility should make sure that the packages are clearly marked with the individual’s name, name of the group Super Lap Battle, cell phone number, garage number or SLB USA, and addressed to:

Circuit of the Americas
Attn: Individual Name – Super Lap Battle (Cell Phone Number) Garage #__
9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd.
Del Valle, TX 78617

The Company will not accept delivery of items that have unpaid shipping charges nor will Company incur charges for shipping items for Lessee.

Subject to change

  • All information and details are subject to change.
sanctioned by SCCA PRO RACING