Ryan Dussex

Driver: Ryan Dussex

2002 Subaru WRX

3445 Wheel Horsepower

310 Foot Pounds of Torque



Competing with the SCCA in solo since 2004 and over 30 events in 2018 alone, Ryan Dussex is what we like to call the “sensei”; bringing multiple cars to a lapping day and offering drives to his friends, giving them the tools, knowledge and coaching them into the never ending blackhole of the motorsports scene! Last year he competed at the Midwest fest with Gridlife, earned his Time Trials License with NASA, and placed 2nd within my TT4 group locally. He has also competed with the Pike Peak International Raceway Time Attack Series locally placing in the top 5 regularly with the WRX, and campaigned a 1993 Bmw 325i with the SCCA rallycross taking 5th overall in class and 2nd overall Novice. With 15 events already scheduled for 2019, we are honored to have Ryan join us at Super Lap Battle USA – COTA!