We Don’t Lift’s Ravi “DARKNESS” Tomerlin

 Team/Driver: We Don't Lift RACING/ Ravi "DARKNESS" Tomerlin

Car: 1999 Acura NSX

Curb Weight 2380lb

301 Horsepower to the wheels!

240 Foot Pounds of Torque



 Out of all the JDM Greats (several skylines, RX 7, S chassis/GC chassis, etc.) that Arizona driver Ravi Tomerlin’s, a.k.a “Darkness”, has owned, his weapon of choice for Super Lap Battle USA – COTA will be his poster car, a 1991 Acura NSX!  Ravi has competed in NASA for over 10 years, placed well at UTCC for production cars, holds 2015 ST2 Regional Champion, and has also been Limited Class Pro Am runner up 2 years in a row (Drivetrain class winner RWD). We are happy to have Ravi’s friendly and positive energy join us at Super Lap Battle USA – COTA! Be sure to say hello when you see him!